Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School Lust List

It stinks being a poor college student, but it's fun to dream!

Bamford Layered Shift Dress $1,495.00
(perfect for a night out)

Marc Jacobs Blake classic $1,195
(I swear Marc designed this bag for me..I must have it!)
Kate Spade Pocket Organizer $75.00
(perfect for my hectic schedule)

Christian Louboutin Buckled Ankle Boot $795.00
(can we just say wow? so versatile!)

Basketweave Cashmere Throw $950
(This would be heavenly while studying or relaxing after a big test)

What are you lusting over?


Dana said...

I want a pair of Steve Madden's ankle boots sooo bad... I'm gonna try to find a picture so u can fall in love too...

MR style said...

i couldnt agree more !! it stinks to be poor !

strikeapose said...

I love the Burberry trench and the ankle boots! I'm definitely lusting over a Jill Sander coat at the moment!

Kate said...

I really want the Kate Spade planner!