Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dressing (and looking) Your Age

It's normal for girls to experiment with their hair and makeup, but is there a reason for 2 girls who are the same age to look as if they are mother and daughter?

It is nice and refreshing to see a young teen who looks and dresses their age (Dakota). I just don't understand how a fresh faced young girl (Ali) thinks she needs so much make up! Maybe I'm not used to seeing teenagers, but is this just a Hollywood thing or do most teenagers now look beyond their years?

Dakota Fanning and Ali Lohan (aka Lindsay Lohan's little sister)

Ali Lohan...14 years old!
Dakota Fanning..also 14

While we are on the topic of people who don't dress their age..

Oh Mimi..


strikeapose said...

Ali Lohan is an embarrassment.. but Dakota is so cute and classy! Mariah deffinitely needs to class it up a bit.

Nay'Chelle said...

I think it goes both ways. Ali definately dresses too old, but Dakota also tends to look like an 11 year old osmetimes.

CoutureCarrie said...

That Ali Lohan business is embarrassing!! Did you hear/see what Anderson Cooper said about her looking 60? So true! Not to mention that her mother (like Mimi!) perpetually tries to look 20 . . .
Love that Dakota F though!

Thanks for adding me, darling - you are on my blogroll now as well!


Claudia said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Dakota's dress. But look at me, i'm 12 years old, and I love fashion, so I watch runway shows, and I don't dress like the kids in my class either. But okay, I really think Ali Lohan is going too far. And Mimi, ieks!

Claudia said...

By the way, want to exchange links?

Dana said...

Mimi...eew, she has the worst taste ever!! Ali Lohan looks 25!! Even her sister looks younger!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, they both shoud try to look their age. Allie wears waaaay to much makeup for a 14 year old- I think she wants the older roles, and Dakota wants the younger by the look of it, but you can never tell with the clothes she is wearing...and as for mimi, excuse me while I go retch.

Anonymous said...

I wish i looked like Ali, she looks so old and cute :)

Ali isn't an embarrassment, DAKOTA IS !

I mean, jeez. GROW UP ! She looks like she is 10,.. and makeup ! please use it :)

(btw. im 14)