Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jessica has gone country

I don't hate Jessica Simpson, but why she is suddenly dressing like a cowgirl just because she came out with a country album. I'd say Jessica Simpson is a pretty household name so are we just supposed to believe that she has been dressing like this the whole time? It's pretty hard to ignore the gaudy silver belts, daisy dukes, and cowboy boots. Jessica has gone through plenty of transformations (some good and bad) but I'd say this is one of the strangest. C'mon Jess you can still dress like a stylish cowgirl!

This one isn't so bad..stick with one accessory at a time

Images via, Just Jared


strikeapose said...

I cannot stand her style.. haha that's sounds bad, but ehh

Kat said...

I agree! I just bought the september issue of Elle and thought the exact same thing

Tiah said...

I think she looks great. I personally love her style and she looks awesome in anything that she wears! Everyone goes through life changes and changes their style and I believe that is what she has done. I mean no one made fun of jennifer lopez when she decided she wanted to be Jenny on the Block so why is everyone so against Jessica Simpson?