Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If You Were A Designer...

If you were a designer (of any sort), what would you call your products? Would you use your real name (like Coco Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, etc.). Would you use a combination of names (like the Olsen's did to create Elizabeth and James). Or would you create something completely unrelated to you or anyone else?

I don't think I would use my full name. Maybe just M. (ie: I love the new M collection)..i like it!

It's fun to dream! Tell me what you would pick and why!


Juliet said...

I propably wouldn't use my name, as I don't in my blog eather, something out from the sky would be better suiting for me.

juliet xxx

Fashionista said...

hmm. i would probably use my name.
if you think about it, most of the really famous and successful designers do.

check my blog out?
feel free to comment. (:

Francesca said...

hmm.... maybe like House of FShion.
Kinda edgy.
And yes, I left out the a and capitalized the s on purpose.