Monday, September 15, 2008

Power Outage

Sorry for no post yesterday, we lost power from 2-midnight. My dinner consisted of potato chips and apple sauce (losing power when you have no food = no fun). However, a big group of us in my apartment complex made our own fun by playing games and stuff. And no classes today! It was pretty scary though, so my thoughts are with those in Texas and everywhere else Ike has traveled. 110,000 people in my county are still without power so who know what will happen.

Also, the answer for Spot the Designer was B! It was an Alexander McQueen dress, A was Forever 21 and C was Wetseal.

See you later!


Francesca said...

ohmigodd i was right =) lol! sorry about the outage, i hear about the huge storm in texas!

strikeapose said...

I hate power outages! Haha, glad your back!