Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have an obsession with boots, but I don't own a single pair (except Uggs..but those don't count). Every time I want to buy a pair I seem to talk myself out of the price tag. Should I invest in a really great pair that will last me years..or spend half the price on a pair I can probably only wear half the time? Also I can never decide on a style. Do I want heel or flat, slouchy or structured? The lovely shoe designers make this too hard on me!! Help!

If I had the money this is what I would buy:

Louboutin $1,195

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Puebla Chic said...

I think you should invest in a good pair fo boots, buy the ones you like the most and you know? next year when its gets cold again, you can have a good new pair of boots and thats how you start your collection... today i thouhgt: Should I wear my uggs to the office? My answer was: NO (good thinking, but its soo cold!!)