Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pottery Barn

How gorgeous is this leather trunk from Pottery Barn?

I wouldn't say no to this sink either..


Holly said...

Oh wow, I love that sink, so rich and beautiful. As for Halloween ideas, I have always wanted to get a vintage pink suit and go as Jackie O'Nassis! With all the sweet details like the signature sunglasses and little white gloves. Or Margot from the Royal Tennenbaums!

coco said...

Isn't that the same trunk that is in the Friends episode where both Rachel and Ross buy it and Phoebe hates Pottery Barn.

I'm like a massive Friends geek by the way.

maveri_ck<3 said...

just ran into your lovely blog :) i have to agree with coco- it looks liek the trunk from the friends episode and thats exactly what i thought when first seeing it! the sink is beauitful, i love the contrast between the dark wood and the whiteness of the sink and decor. In reguards to the grey dress post- i would have to say C... or A, but deifnitly not B. Am i wrong?

Couture Carrie said...

I loooooove old steamer trunks!!

Great finds here :)


Dana said...

OMG I love it!!! It goes great with the cushions!