Monday, December 15, 2008


Classes finished last week which only means one thing: finals. I actually don't have too bad of a schedule this week which makes up for my awful semester..let me just tell you that despite common belief, majoring in Early Childhood Education does not equal easy..I've worked extremely hard this semester and can't wait for a nice long break.

I have a final at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow and then I am luckily done! Then just one more semester of classes and a semester of student teaching. This time next year I will be graduating (granted one semester behind, but not too shabby I'd say).

I'm hoping to get some Christmas shopping done tomorrow. I'll be sure to post about good deals I find.

ps I missed Gossip Girl tonight..why must we wait until Jan. 5!!?

Aurevoir for now!


Elle said...

Good luck! :0)

Preppy in Beantown said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting... and for admitting you believed in Santa until the 6th grade. Makes me feel better! Love your blog... M

Dana said...

Hello Lindsay... I hope you do great on your finals! Good luck!

ZuKi said...

good luck and happy holidays:)