Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun Weekend!

This weekend was a blast! I ended up going to the bars Friday night which was a lot of fun. Last night we went skiing from was freeezing! I haven't skied in years but I thought I did pretty well. However, my boyfriend convinced me to go down a terrifying, steep hill which I preceded to tumble down at full speed. It didn't actually hurt but was quite scary! I was expecting to be sore today but I guess my spring break workout plan is helping because I wasn't sore at all (I'll post my workout routine soon for those who asked!) Today I was a lazy lump! I slept in late, made muffins, watched Friends, read some of Eclipse (3rd Twilight book), cleaned my room, and am currently procrastinating homework! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Me and Andy before hitting the slopes


Holly said...

ooooh you went skiing at night??

Kate said...

Skiing at night? Go you! I would probably fall off the mountain!

Dana said...

I`m glad you had so much fun!!

It's not the belt nor the pants, It's Jessica and her uggly position!