Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Versace Spring 09

I love the simplicity of these ads. The calm background allows the focus to remain on the beautiful dresses. The question is who rocks her Versace dress better?

Or Gisele?

images via fabsugar.com


Savvy Mode SG said...

i think they both look fab. i will look pretty good in it too. Donatella, if you want to sent me one, you can reach me at savvymode.com.... : )

S.Elisabeth said...

i think the oddest thing is that they look like they're leaning against a desk or something.


Kate said...

I love the white contrasting with the blue.

I agree with the comment above though-it looks like they just photoshopped out a desk or table!

Lindsay said...

I thought that looked funny too, but at closer look I think it's a glass wall/balcony or something! It blends in well!

Allison said...

They are both so beautiful!
I absolutely LOVE white dresses - I think they look beautiful on anyone :)

I am a huge Kate Moss fan though, so I'm trying not to be biased! :)