Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blogging Confessions

1. I hate blogging without pictures
2. I use a lot of exclamation points and ellipses and have to consciously remove them
3. I turn my sound off when I go on a blog with music (no offense, I just can't multitask that well unless it's by choice)
4. Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time on blogger
5. I still hate the new Followers box
6. Sometimes blogging reminds me of high school
7. I like my posts brief and to the point (so if you ever want more details feel free to ask!)..there I go with the exclamation points again
8. I LOVE comments
9. But I'm a bad commenter on other people's blogs..but I promise I read them!
10. I love wedding and food blogs.... A lot!
11. Even though blogging takes time, and can sometimes be frustrating, I love it!

Please share your blogging confessions with me!


la petite fashionista said...

haha I use to have a "xanga" back in like 9th grade when it was the popular thing. I suppose that was a form of blogging & somehow it's stuck! :)

Kelly said...

I too use a lot of exclamation points! <--- see! I also tend to use smiley faces { :) <---this on in particular} I never did the blogging thing in high school {way back when} but sometimes I feel like it can get there when I read other peoples.

Cute post! Creative :)

Sarah said...

I'm so with you on number 3 and can relate to the rest of them as well!! Great post!!! ; )

S.Elisabeth said...

Haha I LOVE comments too! Every time I see a new one I get SO excited. And yeah the new follower's box is really obnoxious! it's why i shoved mine to the bottom of my page.

Haha and I use ! and =) way more than I should. And I'm constantly checking blogs!

Belle said...

We share the exact confessions my dear! I think I have over 100 exclamation points in each post!
& cooking and wedding blogs are divine!! (see, 4 already in this comment! 5 now..)

Mrs.Preppy said...

My thoughts exactly!

Holly said...

im sooo with you. i use too many explantion marks, and i feel if i dont, people might think my tone is mean. hahah. also, i hate music on blogs!!

Little Bow Prep said...

I like wedding blogs too :)

Stefanie Grace said...

I was reading those going - yup, yup, yup ME TOO! haha - I'm really bad at commenting too, but I am reading! Maybe we should make a pact?
And the music really annoys me too... note my use of exclamation marks!!!! xx

Lindsay said...

Pictures MAKE the blog! That is my favorite. I definitely check my comments all the time... even though they are emailed to me! hahaha.