Sunday, May 31, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Bikini

I must have this. But let's face the facts. I get all of my bathing suits at Target because I can't spend more than 30 dollars on a bikini that lasts 1-2 seasons. Maybe this will be on clearance in the winter. I mean $110 for a bikini. It's a bit outrageous, no? Maybe I'm just being a cheapo college student.

Where do you buy your bathing suits? Should I convince myself to buy a more expensive suit?


BellaCene said...

I love swimsuits from Target! They are super cute! I actually bought this summer's suit from Target. It's a black (kinda faded croc print) monokini... Very sexy! Plus, it's just enough coverage. I'll try to find a pic :)

BellaCene said...

Got the link right here!

I actually think it looks even better on women with curves... like myself lol

Little Bow Prep said...

It looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Honestly it's adorable but is it worth $110.00?!?!? That is completely up to you. I know that I LOVE Target swimsuits because chlorine and lake water do a number on my swimsuits. If you treat your swimsuits really well, go for it! But if you do a lot of ocean or chlorine swimming I'd go the Tar-Jay way!

Hope this helps!!!

S.Elisabeth said...

I'm SO cheap when it comes to swimsuit. I'd never buy them expensive simply because I spend all my time in the water, so I'd barely get two season out of them. Pluss why pay more for suits when Victoria's Secret, Kohls, Target, etc all have super cute ones for cheap!

PS I love the new font for the titles!

la petite fashionista said...

I'd much by several inexpensive bathing suits that I can mix and match rather than one expensive one.

Check out tj maxx/marshalls/ross for swimwear marked down to $25 or less for both pieces! I always have luck there:)

Nicole Marie said...

i always buy them on sale. even if they're from gap. but that one is super cute!! but unless you're going to wear it everyday i dont know if its worth it. maybe just the top and buy other yello bottoms from vs or somewhere

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the cheaper bathing suits. I also get sick of mine every season or two so I HATE spending on a lot on them!

Carol said...

I used to spend more on bathing suits, now I just do Target!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie- $110 for a tiny bit of fabric?! NO WAY
Victoria's Secret has some similar ones- different colors, but the ruffled embellishment on the top is almost the same. The seperates were aroun $26 apiece. So much cheaper!

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