Monday, June 15, 2009


I have a new obsession...Lost! I've been watching the seasons the past couple of weeks..I'm just about to finish season 4. I had no idea what the craze was about but now I get it! It's so addicting. Do you watch it?


Ashley said...

for some reason, i absolutely refuse to watch lost. i think it's part because i've always thought the commercials made the show seem so outlandish and part because everyone is so crazy about it, and i can't make myself watch it. (i'm sure if i did i'd get suckered in though LOL.)

kSbl said...

oh yes. i've been a fan since day one and I cannot WAIT til the final season comes for all those questions to be answered!!!
I believe its the 4th season that gets a little meh (and I believe it's because of the writers strike that happened that year...) but stick it out! You will not regret it!
I love it!
Even if it does make me want to throw something at the TV when the screen goes black and you hear that 'thud' and you see 'LOST' in white just as you want to see more!
Oh just talking about it makes me want this next season to come faster!

Megs said...

my boyfriend got me into it last season and i got totally hooked! it's so good!

Kicking couture said...

LOST is just so crazy and addictive and the cliffhangers just leave you wanting more!!

Its def a programme you either love or hate! ive been watching since the very 1st day, best character ever is juliet, i almost cried at the end the season 5. Sawyer is so hot so hot, didnt you just love eco too!

Everyone should love lost haha

Francesca said...

I love the show as well! Me & my mom both obsess over it ! By the way, Lindsay, how in the world did you get two panels to gadgets? I can only find templates with one panel of them. ): If you could answer back, that'd be the best thing ever! Thanks so much. By the way, fabulouss blog <3

Kate said...

I love LOST! Great show. I am so ready for the next season to start-can't believe we have to wait until JANUARY 2010! I think somewhere around season 4 it dropped slightly but it is back to being amazing!

kirstyb said...

I used to watch it but now I am just totally confused as to what on earth is going on! I think i might have to get all the DVDs and concentrate! lol xoxoox

Keith said...

I love Lost. I started watching this show when the first season hit DVD. I watched the entire season in a couple of days I got it finished right around the time the second season started. I've watched it ever since. I love the show. I can't wait to see how it finally wraps up.