Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper is one of my favorite books so I went to see the movie yesterday with some friends. Oh. my. gosh. I cried through the ENTIRE movie. I knew it would be sad, because I sobbed in the book too, but geez oh man! Literally starting crying in the first scene and it lasted the whole movie. The acting was incredible. I was really impressed with the whole cast.

So just a warning, if you go see this, take a box of tissues. And be prepared to be embarassed that you are cyring so hard. Also, if you have read the book, they change some stuff in the movie so be prepared for that as well!


Nicole Marie said...

i want to read the book then see the movie!

Tracy-Girl said...

I didn't want to read your whole blog because I didn't want to give anything away- but I am SO excited to go see it!! Glad you liked it!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

My friend wants to see this but I want to wait till it comes out on DVD cos I'm scared I'll cry too much! Not read the book though x

Gaia said...

This is will be my next moveie to see. Thanks to remind me!!!