Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chicago wardrobe

I'm busy packing and planning my clothes for Chicago. I was playing around with Polyvore to help plan some cute outfits. Here is what I came up with so far. It's hard trying to find items that you have, or that look close to something in my closet!

For sightseeing, I want to wear something light and comfortable, but still fashionable and functional.

Andy and I will definitely be taking part in Chicago night life. I want to wear something that's not too dressy, but not casual either so we could try out a few different places but still be dressed properly.
night life

And let's be real..I'm not going to take 6 different purses and shoes..not even close. But it's fun to dream right? Any other suggestions of what to wear/bring?


Aliya said...

I would definitely bring a cardigan! I hear Chicago can be windy, haha :)

Morgan said...

agree on the cardigan or even a pashmina. Gets breezy at night!

suburban prep said...

If it is this weekend you will be in town you are in luck with what the forecasters are stating. Beautiful weather high 80's. Monday night is when Tom Skilling stated that we are due for rain.
You will walk a lot more than likely so you might want some comfortable shoes.
I was on Navy Pier a week ago and it was packed with people.
You might want just a light wrap or sweater for going into a restaurant because some places have been known to blow a bit too hard handed.
But enjoy yourself.

Lavender and Lilies said...

I always try to build my clothes around a common color scheme with a few pairs of shoes and a purse and one clutch. That way you don't have to take a bunch of different accessories. I love the outfit on the top right.

Freck said...

It's been soooooo effing hot here. Bring something that is light and airy (but still fashionable of course) and water!!

Andi said...

The bars can be pretty crowded at night so don't dress too warm at night.

Carol said...

Great picks!