Monday, August 17, 2009

Holy Crow!

Here is the newest trailer for New Moon for you fellow Twilight lovers. Edward. Jacob. yum. But who is more yummy? Don't make me answer! Ps..Andy, don't worry you are still the most yummy :) Pps..If you don't read Twilight, don't think I'm weird for saying holy crow, it's a weird Bella thing that annoys me.


anna said...

Can't wait!!!

hHf said...


oh man.

S.Elisabeth said...

So. I hated the 2nd book. because bella whined the entire time and turned schizo. (actually she just annoyed me after twilight end of story.) and i was on the twilight bandwagon, but i have gotten off it since then.
but this kind of looks good. and taylor lautner's "jacob's a lot bigger. 30 lb bigger" made me laugh. plus the kid is like six months older than me. haha
PLus I do still think Robert Pattinson all spiffied up looks quite attractive =)