Monday, August 10, 2009

Office Redo

Stefanie over at Stefanie Grace asked for my advice on how to update her desk area. Let's start with some inspiration photos.

Some tips:
1. Less is more (minimize clutter and just keep basic needs on your desk)
2. Re-purpose household items to dress up and store everyday items (use an antique vase to hold pencils, a pretty saucer to hold paperclips etc.)
3. Choose 1-2 accent colors
4. Make sure the desk area is used to it's full potential..organize drawers, use a cork or magnet board to catch important notes or inspiration, and eliminate items that are not used
5. Storage is key. Use photo boxes to store important papers, bills, etc. If you do not have drawers, hang floating shelves to store extra items.

These are items I would incorporate into my office. Hope this helps Stefanie! Please show us your before and after photos!


Stefanie Grace said...

Thank you so much!! I'll have a look and see what I can do! Then I'll get a before and after blog up to see what you think! It may take a week or so, so bear with me!

Thanks again! That was so lovely of you!! xx

Ashley said...

oooo love the colors of your picks! the chair is great. my prob: teal happens to be one of my fave colors but my hubby detests it so it makes for a struggle LOL.

S.Elisabeth said...

Love these tips. My desk is actually looking pretty rough right now...

Nicole Marie said...

oh i love that pillow and chair!!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I wish my desk looked like some of those pictures! For some reason, I can never get my desk to stay clean for very always seems to be a place that accumulates everything!

Allison said...

Love your tips, and love those pictures! They all look so clean and gorgeous - I would love to work at ANY of these! :)