Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Things..

Gossip Girl tonight!!!!
Did you watch the VMA's last night? Kanye = huge jerk..and Lady Gaga is crazy!
A second grader threw up all over my desk today..awesome
It's been 4 weeks and the kiddo's still can't say my last name, but it's so adorable!
Newest New Moon trailer..Oh my heavens!
I really wish I could find the time to finish Pride & Prejudice
Going to zonk out on the couch now..have a good week lovelies!


Anonymous said...

SO excited about Gossip Girl!!! And yeah Kanye is such a jerk! And Pride & Prejudice is my all time fav book :)

Allison said...

Omgosh, I can't wait to watch Gossip Girl! =)
And ugh, Kanye...I could not BELIEVE that! But Beyonce was so sweet!
Awwe, sorry about the vomit all over your desk...that's so cute they can't pronounce your last name =)
Ah, you have to find time to finish Pride &'s the besttt! But I can def see why you'd be so exhausted!

Zucchero, Zucchero said...

im dying to see the gaga performance. kanye's fiasco left my mouth dropped open! couldnt believe it.