Saturday, September 12, 2009

Giuliana & Bill

Have you watched this show? When I first heard about it I rolled my eyes..another celeb reality show, c'mon. I watched it because nothing else was on and now I am obsessed. They are seriously an awesome couple. I love seeing celebrity couples who are actually in love. Giuliana is hilarious, and I love Bill trying to give his business advice all the time. You must watch it! It's on Wednesday's at 9 on the Style network.


Kelly said...

i love when that happens!!! being pleasantly surprised is the best and then there's nothing else to do than become i correct?!?!?! haha

hope your weekend is going well. and congrats on the 100 followers. go you :)

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE this show! They are both so adorable! The re-runs are on all the time which is great!

Belle said...

I haven't watched this yet but I think I will definitely have to!!
I gave you a bunch of awards on my latest post darling xxx

the NEO-traditionalist said...

I've never head of this---must check it out!
XX Kate