Sunday, November 22, 2009


This weekend went by nice and slow. Friday night my sister drove in from Indy. We went to see New Moon together (and proceeded to get cut by a nice group of people). It was great! I have a few minor nitpicks, but overall I felt that everything in the book was captured nicely. Saturday we spent shopping, which ended in us buying a HUGE picture from Ikea (from the as is section, so no returns or exchanges) that would not fit in her car. So we are standing in the parking lot cracking up, freaking out, and sort of clueless of what to do. This older couple wanders over, and tries to help us. We maneuver this picture every which way and it just won't fit. So they offer to take it in their truck. Well I live far from Ikea, so the picture ended up in my friend's apartment. Needless to say, this picture better make a statement once it is up on my sister's wall. Oh the memories! This morning started off much more relaxing..catching up on my favorite blogs, enjoying some yummy waffles and home fries prepared by Andy, and procrastinating heading to the gym and grading papers. This two-day week will be nice, and I'll be heading home on Tuesday! Happy Sunday!


Tracy-Girl said...

The picture not fitting into the car is hilarious! We had the same problem once with a swing, and it just barely didn't fit. I know that feeling. What a nice couple to help you out. Glad you are having a good weekend!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am loving that picture story!!! So, did the older couple drive the picture to your friends house?!??! haha!

Anonymous said...

OOOHHH MYYY!! what a mess this weekend was! thankfully I was the one who drove because linds would be a total wreck. the whole time we were screaming our HEADS off while driving to her friends house.. I can't wait to get the picture on my wall asap.. unfortunately, its two hours away :( soon!

it was such a BLAST having a sisters weekend.. we will do it again and this time we will skip the Ikea fiasco!