Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear John

So I finished Dear John and I have to say I was sort of disappointed. It was a good story, but wasn't what I was expecting. You know when everyone raves about something about how it's the BEST or it's so AMAZING, and then you experience it for yourself and you are kind of just like that's it? I (surprisingly) never felt fully attached to the characters. I think I might still see the movie though, because I think it will be better than the book. I also feel sort of dumb because I didn't catch the "hidden meaning" in the title. If you don't know what a "Dear John letter" is and are planning to read the book don't look it up. If curiosity gets the best of you read this. On a positive note, it does send a unique message about love.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?


Morgan said...

I'm so with you! I actually couldn't get through the whole book which is unlike me.

Anonymous said...

I just posted on this exact same topic today however, I on the other hand LOVED this book. In fact I cried through most of it because I thought it was so touching.

I do agree with you however that I don't understand how the title really pulls into the book. I'm hoping that because I enjoyed the book so much, that I'm not let down by the movie on Friday..but we shall see!

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks is great! Maybe you should check that one out!

Thanks for opening my eyes to others views of this book!!! :)


Striped Shirts said...

Yeah I really want to read this book

{lovely little things} said...

Are you going to see the movie? I liked the Notebook but I sometimes feel Nicolas Sparks's books are too sappy. Curious to see what the movie is like.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I haven't picked up the book as I don't think I'd get into it..I'm going to watch the film when I can though xx