Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Fellow Twi-hards rejoice! Finally a little teaser trailer from Eclipse.. Even though Eclipse was not my fave book, I'm excited for the movie none the less. Enjoy!

Did Bella borrow Jacob's wig from Twilight?

Update: Full trailer has been released.


Candice said...

OMG!!!! My heart is racing a mile a minute! Thanks for this lady! And hahahaha, yes, Bellas bootleg wig is horrible! It looks just like Jacob's Twilight wig, which I also have a hard time looking at! Oh well...I guess I will have to fully focus on Edward and nothing else :)

Stephanie said...

Someone posted this on my facebook wall this morning and I nearly died. The full trailer is coming out tmrw @ 6 am! I can't wait!

{lovely little things} said...

SOOOO excited, I can't wait, I love that they're releasing them so close together, I feel like we just celebrated New Moon!