Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few things to be happy about..

This happy print from Kindlynoted.

The sun has been out more so that means my freckles are coming back!

I got my friends addicted to Glee. There is nothing better than watching that show with your girlfriends and giggling like crazy!

Even though I have a long list of books to read, I'm re-reading some of my faves.

Phase 2 of P-90x..bring it Tony Horton!

Lost and Biggest Loser tonight.

Scored a super cute green bag at TJ Maxx yesterday.

What is making you happy lately?


littledaisymay said...

I love your list :)

The happy print is SO cute!

Glee makes me happy too...can't wait for it to start back in just a couple of weeks!

Laughter-Loving Stacy said...

BIGGEST LOSER definitely makes me happy!

Today getting good grades on assignments is making me happy! :)

Freck said...

yay freckles!!!! ;)

So excited for BL tonight!

Mariabot said...



Kendra's show on E!