Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Monsters

Amount of money for "rear view" tickets: too much
Parking downtown: ten dollars
Hours spent on making a not so perfect Gaga hair bow: three
Weeks of listening to her set list on repeat: two
Number of bandaids used to repair blistered dancing feet: four
Seeing Lady Gaga in concert...priceless
Epic. Enough said.


Holly said...

YOUR HAIR BOWS LOOK AMAZING!!!!! is that your real hair?!

Anonymous said...

the hair bows.. ahhh.. never again!! still recovering the blisters on my feet AND my thumb from the glue gun haha.. but it was UN. real.. Hope you enjoyed your early bday present Linds :)

I'm Lindsay! said...

Nooo def not my real hair. We made the bows from cheapie hair extensions from Sally's Beauty Supply. They were only 3 bucks a pack!

Gracey said...

You have NO idea how jealous I am!!! Looks like you had fun though! Despite blisters and such haha. Lucky girl!

Jazzsquared and Macksquared said...

I AM SOO JEALOUS OF YOU. the tickets were sold out in my town :( and love the hair!

lucky girl

Freck said...

GAGA!!!! LOVE GAGA! Her show was awesome, right?! Looks like you had some great seats!

kate @ undeniable style said...

You guys are too. cute. Love the hair bows!!