Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings

If you could be any character on tv, who would you be?

I would totally be Penny from Lost.

Mostly so I could hear Des say "I Love you PENNEH!" in all his Scottish glory.
I wouldn't say no to Rachel Berry either for her gorgeous hair and beautiful voice.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG!! cracking up.. out loud (at work) about PENNEH! thanks for that linds.. I would LOVE to be Kate on Lost because having two super duper hot men fighting for you isn't so bad.

Holly said...

good one!! love penny! i think i would be SOOKIE on true blood :)

A Wedding Story said...

I freaking love Desmond!!! Great choice! I would want to Pillsbury on Glee who wears totally FAB clothes!

{lovely little things} said...

I love Penny & Desmond!
Not sure who I would be - maybe Giada De Laurentiis even though she's not fiction - I would love to be able to make all the food she makes and live in her swanky house!