Monday, August 23, 2010


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Every day I tell myself I'm going to post, and then the day is over and I haven't posted.Woops.
But I've been busy doing other things..This is my last week of work before I officially begin subbing! Let's hope I get lots of calls. It's also my last week of the endorsement. These classes have really put a damper in my summer so I can't wait to be done. I've read two books recently, The Time Traveler's Wife and Sunday's at Tiffany's. I really enjoyed both. I celebrated my 23rd birthday with an improv comedy show and drinks downtown. Now I'm gearing up for fall! I've already bought a trench, a few more scarves, and cardigans. Bring on the cool weather!


littledaisymay said...

I hope you get LOTS of calls to sub! I'm so ready for fall too to wear all the cute and comfy fall clothes :)

Allison said...

Girl, I guess we really are in the same boat! Happyyy belated birthday! :) I'm really glad that you had time to just relax for a change! Good luck with subbing - I'm sure I'll be asking you for advice since I'll be doing the same thing :) They just changed the protocol for subbing in my county - now it's all on the computer and you have to get on before EVERY other sub and sign up! It's giving me anxiety just thinking about it now! I'm sure you'll get lots of calls!

Anna Walker said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I read both of those books and I liked them both! I liked the Time Travelers Wife more...I polished it off in three days. Seriously I would just sit down on the living room floor and read! :) I hope you get lots of sub jobs!