Monday, September 27, 2010

American Alphabet Poster

How cool is this poster? It makes me want a Reese's cup. I think all posters should include games too. Of course, I recognized all the candy brands. Maybe I should avoid the candy aisle for awhile.

Which of these famous American brands do you recognize?

psst. teachers get a 50% cool would this be in my hypothetical classroom?


Gracey said...

Ahhh that's so cool! I don't recognize that many of them. Reeses, Pez, York maybe? Oreo maybe? and Starburst.

Melissa said...

OMG I LOVE THIS!! What a great thing to use in our future classrooms! It would be such a good learning aid because children are going to recognize where the letters come from too! I of course can recognize all the food ones haha! And most of the others...hmmm

Holly said...

i think i see Lysol! haha

sarah wu said...

This is so cool, the typography in this poster is pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

a- all
b- bubblicious or bubble yum?
c- campbells
d- ......
e- eggo.. leggo my eggo!
f- .....
g- .....
h- .....
i- ice
j- .....
k- kool-aid.. OH YEAAA!!
l- lysol
m- m&m's
n- nilla wafers
o- oreos
p- pez
q- qtip
r- resse
s- starburst
t- .....
u- uncle ben's
v- v-8
w- wisk?
x- .....
y- york peppermint pattie