Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

As much as I love the holidays, I'm excited for things to calm down for awhile and get back in my routine. Ahh, nothing like a fresh start. Last year I made a list of goals instead of resolutions. Since I was satisfied with my progress I thought I'd do it again this year. 

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These were my goals for 2010: I reached all but two! Not too shabby, eh? 

1. Find a good job
2. Begin to pay of student loans 
3. Read two or three books per month
4. Grow out my fingernails and maintain them (very proud of this one!)
5. Simplify and eliminate clutter in my life (I would like to eliminate the number of clothes in my closet by half) I could still work on this but I have made a significant impact on my closet
6. Make/maintain healthy habits
7. Continue my 90 day workout with Tony Horton (YES! Thanks to Tony I lost 12 pounds last year!)
8. Travel somewhere new..perhaps New York City or San Francisco
9. Watch any of the AFI's top 100 films that I haven't seen yet
10. Learn how to cook more advanced meals

Goals for 2011

1. Find a job that I love
2. Create and stick to a budget
3. Make more visits to the library and cut spending on books
4. Go thrifting more to satisfy my shopping addiction
5. Reach my weight loss goal and begin P90x again
6. Take a ballet class (something I've wanted to do my entire life)
8. Work through all my bookmarked recipes
9. Learn how to use my new camera and take lots of pictures
10. Find a new hobby (I'd love to learn to knit)
11. Begin a list of all the books I've read (maybe on the blog?)

What are your goals for 2011?


A Wedding Story said...

Love all of your goals Lindsay! You can do it!

Danielle said...

love your goals.

Amy said...

Great goals! Ballet is such a wonderful and fun way to workout. A few years ago I signed up for a class and lost 10 pounds!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Great goals, gorgeous! :) You can do it especially considering how fab you did last year!! I guess I should probably make some goals now shouldn't I? Happy New Year!!! xo

Anonymous said...

These are great goals for the year...

Kristen said...

Great goals! I love the ballet class one (as a former ballerina myself). A lot of dance studios offer adult beginning classes, so you're not stuck with a bunch of little girls. Just a suggestion, if it's something you want to look into. :)

Mama Marshmallow said...

I am with you on the budget goal. And the hobby one. I am thinking about sewing. My mom is really into it so I have a teacher. Knitting is awesome, from what I have seen :)