Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures in Dry Shampoo: Part Two

I had much higher hopes this time around after reading several positive reviews about Batiste. Here's what I thought....

Scent: It smells nice and fresh, sort of a hybrid between lemon and powder.
Price: $7.99, and I consider it definitely worth the price. 
Effectiveness: The shampoo blends nicely, and significantly changes the look of dirty hair. This product does exactly what it should. Eliminates grease and odor in less than one minute. 
Bonus: Adds nice volume and lift to roots. It also comes in a blush scent, if you aren't a fan of lemony-powder. 

This is definitely in the running as a Klorane replacement. Up next, Salon Grafix! 


Morgan said...

This is what I use!!! And I love! But where do you get it so cheap?? My salon charges twice that!

Katherine said...

OMG that packaging. GROSSSSSS

Melissa said...

You'll have to show me your list of ones to try. I don't know if this is on your list but I saw this and thought of you! It's a little pricier but it's brown powder for brunettes!


I need to try dry shampoo, how have I not yet?