Friday, November 4, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   My favorite thing about this week was/is     I finally started working with students. No more evaluating data!

2.   Colder weather makes me   want to throw on lots of layers and whip up some comfort food .

3.  Three things that make me terribly happy as of late are    having a job, working out again, and putting the finishing touches on the apartment (who knew it would take so long?) .

4. If I could only wear one kind of shoe for the rest of my life, I'd choose    flat boots for the winter, wedges for the summer. Ballet flats would definitely need to be involved too.

5.  My personality type is    all over the board. I can be a bit of everything at times. Mostly I try to have a positive attitude and be happy.

6.  I have a serious problem resisting     chocolate, cookies, pizza, or ice cream. Movie theater popcorn, and Starbucks come in a close second. I wish I had a veggie tooth instead of a sweet tooth.

7.  My favorite color to wear is    neutrals. White, navy, black, grey, various shades of brown, khaki, army green


Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun with those students :) I wonder if there's anyone with a veggie tooth, haha!

Are you going to show some apartment pics??

Holly said...

i cant resist movie theater popcorn too! so bad yet so good.