Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Bucket List

Thankfully we've had a pretty mild winter (so far). But we still have a good three months of potential snowstorms, freezing rain, and slush. In an attempt to make the most of it, I've made another seasonal bucket list!

1. Bake homemade bread
2. Build a snowman
3. Go sledding
4. Try a new soup recipe
5. Go ice skating
6. Have a movie marathon (Midnight in Paris and The Help are at the top of my list)
7. Go tobogganing 
8. Take more pictures
9. Host a brunch 
10. See all the Academy Award Best Picture nominations

What would you add to make winter a bit more bearable?


Danielle said...

great list! why dont you see the movies, and host a brunch academy awards party! who doesnt love bfast for dinner??

Holly said...

yes! good list. its always my goal to see all the oscar nom movies, but i never make it!

Anonymous said...

Midnight in Paris is TERRIBLE! I saw it on a flight to Cali this fall. I am the biggest Rachel McAdams fan ever and even this film was painful. The plot is terrible and soooo slow moving.

Katherine Krieg said...

wow! love that photo and love your bucket list. i actually adored midnight in paris, but that's just me. i think it's worth a watch even if you don't end up being the biggest fan.

July said...

I wish I could do half of those things, however the south has decided to stay warm. It is literally 75 in our apt right now, with no heat on. Ridiculous considering last year at this time we were stuck at home because of a snow storm!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Tobogganing, that sounds fun, how do you do that exactly? My one toboggan experience was at a waterpark called blizzard beach in Orlando, Florida when I was about 9, so not very legit. Do tell if and when you accomplish the real thing!

Clara Turbay said...

Great style and good taste.


lauren @ la petite fashionista said...

we've had an incredibly light winter snowfall so far! we just had our first big one this week!

i'm excited to do all the typical winter activities that I never have been able to do-- can't wait to sled and build a snowman. (took the bf ice skating for the first time the other week:)

Also, you MUST see Midnight in Paris, it is my new favorite movie :)