Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spreading the Love

One of the things I love about blogging is that there are always new (or old) blogs to discover. Here are some of my new-ish favorites that I thought I would pass along.

Lisa is a celebrity makeup artist, and I feel like I've learned more from her in two weeks than I have in two years watching other youtube tutorials. I can't wait to try out her Cheryl Cole look. 

Danielle makes me want to move to Chicago (and right into her apartment-it's amazing!) 

I'm always excited to see a new post from Lindsay. I adore her skin care tips of the day and diy's!

One of my new favorite design blogs. I love Kirsten's real life home features every Friday. 

Do you have any new favorites?


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Aw THANK you Linds!! That was so nice of you. I will def check out the other blogs you listed, some I have not heard of and I love discovering new blogs too

Brittanie said...

I love Breakfast at Toast (and her home of course)! Thanks for posting these!


Nicole Marie said...

love breakfast at toast

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Definitely going to have to check these out. Thanks for sharing :)

Holly said...

some new ones, yay!

and i have been loving http://www.reagansblob.com/ lately!

Katherine Krieg said...

thanks so much for sharing these! i LOVE finding a new blog! these all look fabulous. i cant wait to read through the archives!