Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 People's Choice Awards

I'm tired and ready for bed so I'm just going to post my favorite and least favorite from the awards.

Fave: Katherine Heigl

Call me crazy but I thought she looked fierce in this suit. It fit her like a glove and was an interesting comparison to the fancy gowns.

Least Fave: Debra Messing

The style of the dress does nothing for her, and with such a subtle dress color she really could have worn a brighter shoe.

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Kicking couture girl said...

haha thanks for the comment, i received the books from my sister for christmas! Im beyond obsessed! i badly want bella's bedding but i just changed my room to a pink and green theme lol!

Nicole Marie said...

youre right about debras shoes. but she looks beautiful all the same.