Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snail Mail

Don't you just love getting a letter in the mail. It's so much more personal and fun than an email. I admit I rarely send out a letter, but maybe if I had some pretty stamps and stationary I would. Etsy has soo much to choose from!

Love these!
I would love to get this in the mail. It's so cheerful!

I can't wait to buy a customized rubber address stamp when I finally have a permanent address. I love the designs at Sweet Paperie.
Do you have a favorite stationary shop? Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

i love letterwriting!:)

Anonymous said...

The bicycle is def. my favorite! Thanks for the share!

Jane said...

love those! they are gorgeous!

Love, KSBL said...

It is a lost art, letter writing.
We all should do it more often!
These are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, it so much beautiful creativity around you, be apart or fall apart...
Love - FA.ME Blogvertorial Services

Nicole Marie said...

i love the bike one!!

Life at the White House said...

isn't etsy a wonderful nightmare?! ha! i find something i *have to have* on there daily!

here are some of my favorite stationary/paper sites:

they have some wonderful wrapping paper, stickers and hilarious cards. everything is 60% off right now!

they have most everything and it's all cute.

3.) too many etsy stores to count! simplesong is really good though as is sarahparrott825. :)