Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Perez Parody

Who doesn't love a good parody? I was cracking up with this one! So if you don't read Perez, here's the scoop: Perez and Fergie exchanged words, Will I Am was mad so he spoke with Perez, Perez called him a bad name, Perez left, someone in Will I Am's posse punched Perez in the face, Perez tweeted about it, police were involved, Perez made a video, Will I Am made a video. Phew, got it?

Watch Perez's video here. You really only need to watch a few seconds.

Here is the parody: (notice the hand drawn head board that looks like Perez's..hilarious!)

I totally feel bad for Perez's punch to the face, and I'm not trying to make fun of him or anything, but Breckin Meyer is just too funny! Hopefully this celeb battle works itself out!


ana b. said...

O my goodness this is totally hilarious! And Zac popping in at the end was a complete surprise. I miss Breckin. Last time I saw him in anything was Clueless and that was ages ago.

Stefanie Grace said...

I was just glad that Perez wasn't talking about Speidi for once! Did you hear that they have been banned from E! Online?!! haha I mean, I love The Hills, but their media coverage is cheesy and gratuitous!

Francesca said...

This was hilarious!

Kate said...

Too funny! Almost as good as the Tom Cruise parody

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

That is too funny!!! Breckin Meyer is so funny. I am glad that Perez got hit is that bad? How can he thinks he can go around calling people names all the time and not have any repercussions is beyond me! x