Saturday, August 22, 2009


Before I met Andy..
I hated hockey.
I had no idea what an F-22 was.
I had never been to Boston (his hometown).
I couldn't name any Red Sox players.
I had no idea what a frappe or jimmies were.
I didn't care about the weather forecast.
I only went to warm beaches.
I didn't swear like a hockey player!
I never had so many nicknames for myself.
I never thought about the future.
I never knew what love was.

Amazing how things change in 5 years! Love you bubs! Happy Anniversary!

First month of dating..


Through the years..


S.Elisabeth said...

Happy Anniversary =)!
PS You have the prettiest eyes in the world! I'm so jealous!!

Belle said...

Wow! 5 years!! Congratulations and happy anniversary!!!
You guys are so cute (and you have the most amazing eyes!) xxx

Sara said...

You have gorgeous eyes! Happy anniversary :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! This post is so cute! I put part of it up on my Blog for my feature this week! Hope you don't mind!

Little Bow Prep said...

Congrats on five years and happy anniversary!

You two look so happy and lovely together :)

la petite fashionista said...

oh my gosh, so cute! I love this! Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! I dated someone for 3 years and I know how tough it can be making a transition from high school to college so kudos! :)

Tracy-Girl said...

Oh My gosh... not only are you two absolutely stunning together... but I love this post about what you didn't know before you met him. I LOVE it!

Stefanie Grace said...

That's so cute!! Congratulations!! xx

J said...

aww that is super cute! congrats!! btw your eyes are the prettiest blue ever!

Lindsay said...

you guys are so cute! congrats!