Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings

Which tv couple would you love to see date in real life?
I'll always have a soft spot for Ross & Rachel.


July said...

Awe I love them together :)

Mine would definitely be Coach Eric and Tammy Taylor from Friday Night Lights. They are my all time favorite TV couple - they are just amazing together!

Sweet Nothings said...

buffy and angel! God I loved them..i bawled when she had to kill him! also, pam and jim..i mean..they are perfect.

What couple should have never been together--carrie and aiden..barf. carrie never ever ever ever ever ever deserved aiden.

Anonymous said...

hmmm if everyone can remember back to the Lost days.. I would have to say Kate annnnnnd Sawyer!!

Laura said...

highschool: pacey & joey

now: Pam & Jim

Forever: ROSS & RACHEL (good one!)

Marie said...

Pam and Jim!:D

***** Marie *****

Holly said...

easy easy easy. JACK AND KATE.

Gracey said...

I agree with Pam and Jim!!!