Monday, February 7, 2011

le weekend

This weekend I.....

watched the Superbowl (aka the commercials). This was my favorite one. 

finished The Nanny Returns. It wasn't as good as the first, but still a fun read.

finally found the perfect gray nail polish. Rimmel Steel Gray (at Target).

had a vampire diaries marathon with my best. Don't hate, just watch. 

lost a bet with Andy that he couldn't finish this monster sandwich. Last time I doubt my boyfriend. 

What did you do? 


Danielle said...

though I watch more for the game, but:

-Lea Michelle-KILLED IT. sounded amazing, looked even better
-Xtina-needs to go to rehab. looked puffy, and obvi was drunk to mess up the anthem
-BEP- hot mess. not in a good way. do not ever sing guns and roses again
-commercials-meh. This was my fav, along with the etrade, and NFL network one when they showed all the clips from the show
-Game: YAY! how adorable is aaron rodgers..

Happy Monday!

KillerKaro said...

I loved the VW commercial!!!! That little vader is adorable :)

I also loved the "reply to all" commercial from bridgestone
The Doritos "Pug Attack"
and I loved the western budweiser commercial where the entire saloon sings tiny dancer!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!

July said...

OMG OMG OMG I am OBSESSED with that nail polish!!! I seriously go through bottles like crazy and it is by far the most perfect gray nail polish I've ever worn!!!

Did you watch Glee last night!? What did you think??? I thought Lea Michele was awesome, but xtina - YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I loved that commercial! So cute...

Have a wonderful Monday!!

la petite fashionista said...

oh my lord. that sandwich is making me SO hungry, just looking at it! & what a perfect gray nail polish find; that's been my color of choice lately as well!


Molly said...

I loved that commercial. I am teaching persuasion, so I used that one, among a few others, to teach about how the messages of commercials are a bit funny. I live near Cleveland...where did you get that sandwich!!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

I also love the VW commercial! That sandwich makes me hungry :)


Mo Pie, Please said...

How is it that men are able to eat all of that food? Crazy! Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I loved that VW commercial!

Holly said...

that commercial was so super cute!!

Katherine said...

LOVED the commercial!! I am pretty sure I watched it over and over again. The passion in the little hands trying to make things happen.

Anna Walker said...

AW I didn't see the commercial but wow I LOVE IT! :)
That is a damn huge sandwich! He finished it!? That's insane!
Ps That is a lovely color! Target is amazing!

Erin said...

Being of that age this kid is when the original Star Wars came out, I know that every single one of us back then did this! lol We all wanted to possess the force. And swing from Luke's arms! That was me, at least. lol And I am obsessed with gray lately. This color is hot!

Anonymous said...

Loved that VW commerical! So cute! Vampire Diaries = ah-mazing! It's so hard to decide between Stefan and Damon, so I choose both! :)